This guide has been written by Young & Co. Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors, as a simple guide to aspects of taxation that landlords might face. It covers most common areas of UK taxation but since the UK has one of the worlds most complicated tax codes, it cannot be fully comprehensive and neither does it cover some of the more unusual or complicated aspects of taxation. When it comes to taxation, everyone’s case is unique and sometimes what is good advice for one taxpayer is wrong for another. We recommend that if you are not sure about anything, or if you want more detailed advice that is tailored to your particular situation, you should consult a suitably qualified accountant or tax advisor. Therefore no liability can be accepted for any loss resulting from reliance on the contents of this booklet.

The advice in this booklet is based on legislation and tax case law as at July 2014. Be aware that rules do change from time to time, so it is worth taking the time to keep up to date with changes that may affect you in future years.

Download Guide to Taxation for Landlords here