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Business Strategy

Advice for the Life of Your Business

It is important that any business has a good team of advisors around it who are able to offer support and advice on the growth and development of that business, whether it’s through business growth accountants like Dua or through customer relations services or marketing.

Young & Co’s business strategy services offer added value to business owners and company directors. We provide support throughout the whole life of your business from start-up, growth, expansion through to maturity.

We can help to create a business plan; we offer cash flow projections, advice on business structure, can help with raising finance as well as advice on all aspects of accounting, including accounts receivable, and tax planning. We can register your business for VAT and can offer payroll services. We can enlighten you to tools available to you with your finances, such as money counters. We can also help with IT systems to help your procedures run smoothly.

Business Plans

All businesses can benefit from a business plan and most start-ups that require finance will be asked to produce one.

A business plan is a guide to who you are, what you want to do and where you want to go. As well as providing a profile of your abilities and a statement of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you will also be required to give detailed financial projections to include cash flow forecasts and projected accounts.

At Young & Co we have a very good track record in achieving lending, especially with the High Street banks when we have produced accurate and detailed business plans and cash flow forecasts.

We have a large library of models and templates which we can adapt to your business requirements and are often able to open financiers’ doors that are ordinarily closed. We also have experience of Enterprise Finance Guarantee Schemes which is a vehicle used by the UK Government to enable UK banks to lend to businesses that would otherwise fail to secure lending.

Cash Flow Forecasts

A cash flow forecast is a prediction of where you feel your business will be financially in the future. A cash flow analysis will help greatly and influence other areas of a business plan. People can look here to see how that can be achieved.

This is not an easy thing to do but at Young & Co our team of experts will help you to project a realistic end result by looking at historical and anticipated growth levels and projected accounts.

Our experience in building projections together with our in-depth knowledge of industry sectors and the awards we have received for our models means that we can tailor a projection to your business. Cash flow forecasts can help you to steer your business financially, help you to see if a product line will be profitable or help you to get finance. Whatever your need we can help you.


Deciding whether to become a limited company depends on the business, its anticipated growth rate and the degree of commercial risk.

In the early years it may be more beneficial from a tax perspective to operate as a sole trader or partnership and then change to a limited company after a few years.

Taxation can be lower on limited companies than it is on sole traders or partnerships but any money taken by directors must go through PAYE and hence is taxed. This can be negated by reducing the director’s salary and opting to vote for a dividend but dividends have to follow the shareholding.

Benefits in kind are also tighter for limited companies particularly in relation to the provision of company cars.

At Young & Co our advisors will help you to make the right decisions on the structure so that it suits your needs.


We can provide expert and experienced partner support in the following areas:

  • Valuation of unincorporated businesses and shareholdings in unquoted limited companies in matrimonial and other disputes
  • Loss of earnings/profit claims
  • Accounts investigation and advice thereon


The statutory requirements of modern Company Law can be onerous and time consuming for the officers of a Limited Company. Mistakes made by those officers can result in substantial civil and criminal penalties being levied upon all officers of the Company. We have the knowledge and resources and experience to assist in:

  • Company formation and incorporation
  • Company secretarial work
  • Advice on changes to company structure
  • Corporation tax advice

IT Solutions

We have many years experience with computerised accounting systems and we have developed strong links over the last 30 years with Sage. We are now the only Sage Accredited Accountant Partner in Herefordshire. This means that we can help you to decide which Sage product is the best fit for your business, order it and pass on the discount to you. We will also train you on how to use it and give you ongoing technical support.


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