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Saving You Time and Money

By outsourcing some of your services to Young & Co you can save both time and money for your business. You can avoid expenditure on accounts staff salaries as well as all the other associated costs which come with employing people.

If you are a growing business, you may be in the position where you need an accounting function but are unable to free up key staff or are unable to afford the costs to take someone on to do the role. As an established business, you may also find that having an accounting function in-house is not cost effective and by relocating this function elsewhere, you will have more money and time on your hands to concentrate on areas that will help your business to grow.

Payroll Services

Calculating how much tax and National Insurance to deduct from your employees wages can be a difficult task. Combined with the fact that small businesses also now have to cope with other administrative burdens which the Government has imposed on them means that finding time to do the payroll can be almost impossible. It is also now compulsory to file payroll over the Internet and this too puts added pressure on businesses.

At Young & Co we can take the hassle out of running your payroll. We have a dedicated team who can help you run every aspect of your payroll system no matter how many employees you may have. We can cope with everything from joiners to leavers. We can even build BACS reports and fax them directly to you bank for you.

We will register you through the Government Gateway through our agency account and file all your returns through the Internet.

Bookkeeping and Management Accounts

Keeping up-to date and accurate accounting records for your business can provide you with invaluable management information. They will help you to make sound and profitable business decisions whilst at the same time helping you to avoid any pitfalls.

Through accurate bookkeeping, you can monitor cash flow and know precisely who owes you money and who you owe money to and can see whether your business is in profit or making a loss.

At Young & Co we have a friendly and enthusiastic team of bookkeepers who can assist you at whatever level you require from simple bookkeeping, making supplier payments, completing VAT returns, bank reconciliations, sale ledgers, purchase ledgers, nominal ledger customised reports and management accounts.

We can cope with any level of record keeping from a cardboard box full of invoices to computerised records and we guarantee full confidentiality. By outsourcing these functions to Young & Co you will be ale to make a real difference to the running of your business.

Audit and Accountancy

Tax Planning and Compliance

Business Strategy Services