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Tax Planning and Compliance

Protecting your wealth

At Young & Co our team of dedicated tax experts can help you plan for the future by offering advice on a range of corporate, business and personal tax compliance and planning issues. We will work with you to find the most tax efficient way to meet your goals without incurring any nasty surprises along the way.

Our pro-active advice ensures that you know exactly what you need to pay and when and also allows you to minimise the tax burden on you and your business.

Our Inheritance Tax planning services help you to manage your wealth in the most tax efficient way ensuring that you pass as much of your money down to future generations as possible.


Personal Tax Planning

Our team of experts can prepare and submit your Self Assessment Return on your behalf ensuring that all the right amounts go in the appropriate boxes. We will also assess next year’s tax as well so that you can plan ahead and put enough aside to meet your liabilities. We have expert knowledge of reliefs and will act as your personal tax guide to minimise your tax burden helping you to plan for your future

If you are due a refund, our automated filing system through the Government Gateway will usually generate a cheque to you within two or three days.

In the event of any investigations which can be traumatic, we can act on your behalf with H. M. Revenue and Customs ensuring that the level of any resulting penalty is minimised.

Planning for Future Generations

We also can help with Inheritance Tax planning issues so that you can pass as much wealth down to future generation as possible. We offer assistance on all tax matters in respect of making Wills and gifting assets and can guide you through the tax implication of setting up, managing and the cessation of Trusts. We can complete Inheritance Tax forms and can handle every aspect of Estate tax compliance and administration.

Business and Corporate Tax Planning

We can help you to prepare your businesses Self Assessment Return or Corporation Tax Return when we prepare your annual accounts. We can also submit the forms electronically for you and we will ensure that the right amounts go into the correct boxes.

We will help you to plan ahead by calculating next year’s tax as well and we will automatically claim relief on all items using our tax planning strategies.

In the event of any investigations we will also act on you behalf with H.M. Revenue and Customs and will try to minimise any resulting penalties.

VAT Management

VAT is a complex area of indirect tax and at Young & Co we have the technical expertise to make it easy for you.

We offer help in

  • VAT registrations and de-registrations
  • Preparations of VAT returns through our bookkeeping service
  • VAT health checks to make sure that the correct amounts are calculated
  • Advice on topics such as reviews, property and constructions, retail schemes, partial exemptions and electronic filing
  • Dealing with cash accounting, annual accounting and flat rate schemes
  • Acting on your behalf with H.M. Revenue and Customs

Fee Protection Insurance

For both corporate and personal clients, fee protection insurance is offered to safeguard against the costs of H.M. Revenue & Customs investigations. Our expert team will deal with the whole process, dealing direct with H.M. Revenue & Customs to minimise the disruption to your business.

Support for Legal Advisers

Legal matters create a diverse range of tax implications and the onus is on the solicitor to assess tax situations and calculate the tax due. Failure to do so can lead to penalties and unhappy clients. Young and Co can work alongside legal firms to offer tailored legal, accounts and taxation services to help with:

  • Estates
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Litigation Support
  • Corporate Support

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Tax Planning and Compliance

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