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Audit and Accountancy

A clearer picture

Every business needs accurate financial information in order to see how it is performing and to determine profitability levels. As well as helping in the preparation of accounts, at Young & Co we can help you to use them as an effective business tool by interpreting the results to highlight areas in your business that are performing particularly well and indicate areas that may cause concern in the future. If your business has been experiencing difficulty we can also offer assistance to turn your problems around.

We will compare your results to a five year historical summary to spot any trends or blips and will review your accounts in line with those of your industry sector. By seeing the end result you can monitor performance, spot trends, determine taxable profits, establish the correct pricing strategy and make informed decisions about the future of your business.

Young & Co can prepare your accounts or work alongside your finance staff. Whatever the size of the business you will receive all the right level of professional support and advice to make a real difference.

Additional Services

As well as the preparation of accounts we can also help with additional services from bookkeeping and data entry to the preparation of statutory returns. We can also provide a payroll service to meet your needs. So whether you are an established business or just looking to outsource some of your functions, at Young & Co we have the right people on hand to help you out.

Effective auditing

An audit is a health check of your business and is a statutory requirement for certain medium and large companies. The audit confirms the well-being of your company and can highlight areas for improvement. Audited accounts can also provide reassurance to banks and finance companies, directors and shareholders as well as anybody else who views them from Companies House. An audit is particularly important when asking for finance from a bank or selling your business further down the line. It also helps to build confidence with customers and suppliers.

Turning compliance into a benefit

At Young & Co we have a dedicated audit team who can take you through the process in detail. We will plan and structure the audit to identify any areas of risk or weakness and will ensure that your company avoids breaking the law unintentionally and incurring penalties when it comes to areas such as tax compliance.

We perform our audits under International Auditing Standards so you can rest assured that the standard of work is completed to the highest possible level.

Audit and Accountancy

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